Eco Trail de Paris 50K

with Ei kommentteja

During last fall I got a feeling, damn it, why should the limit for a humans physical capasity be that old and boring 42,195 km? A while after thinking about this I challenged – wasted out of my mind of course – a second person as crazy as myself. So on a frigid morning in March we were standing in the Versaille park with our running gear on. Chris – the gift from Lousiana to the human kind – wasn’t worrying too much. He was going to run in borrowed shoes, a cotton hoodie and with a water bottle in his hand the whole way… Anyway; It took us six and a half hours, but we dragged ourselves 50 000 horisontal and 1 000 vertical meters through atypical  Parisian forest landscapes all the way to the iconical Eiffel-tower!


Keep A!dventuring,

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